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Dr. Nicholas Morris, M.D

Dr. Nicholas Morris, M.D.  completed his residency training in adult psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Morris has a broad range of expertise in multiple psychiatric conditions, including a holistic focus on the treatment of depressive disorders, bipolar disorder spectrum disorders, and anxiety disorders. He also has special interests in addiction, interventional psychiatry, and utilizing technology in the treatment of mental illness. Dr. Morris also has experience in multiple modalities of psychotherapy, including  psychodynamic psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), with special emphasis on  CBT for insomnia.

Dr. Morris completed his undergraduate education at University of California Santa Barbara, where he received his M.S. in Microbiology with a focus on Genetic Engineering. He subsequently attended medical school in the Netherlands Antilles. During his clerkship training he spent two years doing clinical rotations at UCLA-Kern Medical Center. He subsequently completed four years of residency in adult psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital, where he was Chief Resident of the hospital during his final year of training.

During his residency training, he assisted in conducting clinical research on the treatment of anxiety disorders and completed research projects on the molecular biology and neurobiology of the endocannabinoid system. He spent much of his time during training focused on the hospital setting in both a primary and consulting role. Due to a large portion of his training being hospital-based, he was frequently exposed to treatment of the most treatment-resistant and medically complicated patients. Dr. Morris also developed professional skills teaching and mentoring medical students and junior residents during his training on topics including psychopharmacology and interviewing skills.

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Angela Wertz, Nursing Division

Angela Wertz graduated from George Mason with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  Her  consistent high academic achievement scores  made her a recognized member of several Dean’s Lists. Angela also possesses a B.S. in Health Management Systems, from Duquesne University.

After clinical rotations at prestigious hospitals such as Virginia Hospital Center, in Arlington, VA, INOVA Fairfax, in Fairfax, VA, and Sibley Memorial Hospital, in Washington, D.C., amongst others, Angela serves the community as a registered nurse, working in Addiction Recovery and Wellness. She has vast experience  practicing as a nurse in addiction and mental health divisions of local area hospitals. Angela is passionate about caring for patients with mental illnesses and feels confident administering psychiatric care, inspired by a firm  belief in evidence-based scientific interventions and kind human care that bring about recovery outcomes.

Angela leads the nursing division at the Maia Institute, where she assists patient procedures such as administration of injectable medications, IV infusions of medications or vitamins (naltrexone, ketamine, clomipramine, and high-dose vitamin complexes), and other interventions.  She also facilitates specialized Groups therapies, including a group for trauma victims, addiction recovery, and more. Lastly, Angela has specialized in biofeedback optimization, an innovative technique which identifies and corrects automatic bodily stimuli that may contribute to anxiety.

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