Ketamine Testimonials in the Media

NYMag.comWhat It’s Like to Have Your Severe Depression Treated With a Hallucinogenic Drug

  • A fantastic testimonial of “Ted” who struggled with depression for years without significant relief until he ketamine
  • Ted ‘called ketamine infusions the “single most profound” thing he’s ever done’

VIDEO on ABC NewsParty Drug to Treat Depression?

  • Interview with a patient who had ‘given up the idea of ever feeling better’ until he found ketamine
  • He says ‘I can finally experience joy again’
  • Also contains an interview with Gerard Sanacora, a leading ketamine researcher at Yale University

VIDEO on PBS – Dr. Carlos Zarate Documentary about Depression

  • Here, one of the leading ketamine researchers briefly discusses ketamine and interviews a patient who recently found that it alleviated his symptoms of depression
  • Carlos Zarate is the Chief of the NIMH Experimental Therapeutics & Pathophysiology Branch, the main director of ketamine studies at the nation’s medical research institute

ChicagoTribune.comOnce-popular party drug now used for severe depression

  • Contains a brief account of Dennis Hartman and his early experience with ketamine for depression
  • Also contains interview with our own Dr. Levine!‘Club Drug’ Ketamine Rescues Suicidal Patients

  • Contains summary of a mother’s successful use of ketamine for depression by the hands of Dr. Levine

NYPost.comA Party Drug Instantly Cured My Depression

  • One of Dr. Levine’s patients describes her treatment of depression with ketamine.
  • She says “It has changed my life, and I started functioning” and “Without it, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning”

Van Winkle’s – Insomnia, Suicide and the Redemptive Power of Ketamine –  One woman’s harrowing journey through two decades of insomnia and chemical sleep, and how she found an unlikely savior in a medical version of a maligned club drug.

  • This is a lesser known source, but still a great account of the depths of depression and the relief that ketamine can bring

Vice.comHow Ketamine Infusions Saved My Life

  • A powerful testimonial of someone’s struggle with depression, eating disorder and addiction and how receiving ketamine infusions turned her life around, freed her from depression and was the catalyst she needed for going to rehab and making significant life changes

Vice.comI Used Ketamine to Treat My Depression

  • A more risque account of what it’s like to have a ketamine infusion

Ketamine Articles in the Media

Nature.comRave drug holds promise for treating depression fast

  • “It blew the doors off what we thought we knew about depression treatment” – James Murrough at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City
  • They report that before ketamine was studied, nobody even knew that glutamate was involved in depression
  • This is really a watershed moment in psychiatry
  • Summarizes results of a placebo-controlled trial using ketamine to treat depression resistant to three or more drugs as well as a study which used ketamine to treat suicidality

Economist.comNovel drugs for depression

  • Great article with a partial history of depression treatment that emphasizes just how much of a watershed moment was started by realization that ketamine is a remarkable antidepressant
  • This article also describes the compounds inspired by ketamine that are currently being investigated for future depression treatment. The future of ketamine is promising!

NPR.comKetamine Relieves Depression By Restoring Brain Connections

  • The discovery “represents maybe one of the biggest findings in the field over the last 50 years” – Ron Duman, a leading ketamine researcher from Yale University
  • “the first truly new depression drug since the 1970s”
  • Also includes an NPR interview with Ron Duman where he talks about his early thoughts on how ketamine works in the brain
  • Make sure to listen to the audio!!

National Institutes of Mental HealthRapid Antidepressant Works by Boosting Brain’s Connections

  • An audio interview with Dr. Duman, one of our favorite ketamine researchers with people at the National Institute of Mental Health, the government’s institute for mental health research
  • This article is a bit more scientifically advanced, but it details an early hypothesis on how ketamine alleviates symptoms of depression so rapidly

CurrentPsychiatry.comThe future of ketamine in psychiatry

  • Some basics of ketamine treatment

PsychiatricNews.comKetamine-Induced Optimism: New Hope for the Development of Rapid-Acting Antidepressants

An Excerpt From One of Our Favorite Articles‘The Biggest Breakthrough in Depression Research’ in 50 Years Is … Ketamine?

What is new — and legitimately exciting — about all this is that scientists are beginning to realize that we may have been thinking about the depressed brain in the wrong way. The effects seen with ketamine suggest that the common explanations for depression — that it’s caused by a “chemical imbalance” in the brain, or by low levels of serotonin — may not be what’s really causing the disorder after all.

Instead, the studies reviewed here support a different theory, one which suggests that depression is the result of damage to the brain cells responsible for controlling mood. In mice, at least, this atrophy of neurons occurred in response to stress. Although the reasons stress causes this to happen are unclear, the weakening of synaptic connections appears to be at the root of depression and other stress-related disorders.

SSRIs are intended to increase brain levels of serotonin, but they do also, eventually, restore neurons. Ketamine is able to repair these synaptic connections in mice with near-miraculous speed. Indirect evidence from brain imaging supports the theory that this “synaptogensis” is the mechanism allowing for ketamine’s rapid effects in humans as well.

Ketamine for Other Mental Health and Pain Disorders

  • HuffingtonPost.comKetamine’s Rapid Effects in Depression and OCD: Cause for Hope and Caution
  • Ketamine May Offer Rapid Relief From OCD Symptoms
  • Medscape.comKetamine: New Potential as Rapid PTSD Treatment
  • Dana FoundationKetamine May Help Extinguish Fearful Memories
  • Yale‘Magic’ Antidepressant May Hold Promise For PTSD
  • This Could Be Big: Intravenous Ketamine for Fibromyalgia
  • Vice.comIs Ketamine the New Miracle Drug?


Esketamine & Hydroxynorketamine

J&J Press ReleaseEsketamine Receives Breakthrough Therapy Designation from U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Major Depressive Disorder with Imminent Risk for Suicide

  • In a huge endorsement by the FDA, esketamine (one of the components of ketamine) received Breakthrough Therapy Designation.
  • This means that multiple aspects of the current clinical trials on esketamine will be expedited since preliminary clinical evidence indicates esketamine provides a substantial improvement over available therapies for serious or life-threatening conditions
  • Note that this is actually the second time esketamine has received the coveted Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the FDA

CNN.comParty drug ketamine closer to approval for depression

  • CNN’s article in response to esketamine receiving Breakthrough Therapy Designation in 2016

Nature.comHow club drug ketamine fights depression

  • “Ketamine probably represents a new chapter in the treatment of depression” – Roberto Malinow, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego
  • Details an exciting new study that shows that a breakdown product of ketamine may be the main cause of its antidepressant effects

NPR.comDepression Treatments Inspired By Club Drug Move Ahead In Tests

  • “When we saw the first initial responses you say, wow, this will definitely revolutionize our treatments for mental illness” Carlos Zarate, a leading clinician at the NIMH
  • Make sure to listen to the audio!!